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News Roundup: Back Alley Edition

April 19th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Business, Chicago, Culture, Guns, Health, Internet, Labor, LGBT, Music, Nature, News, Pet Food, Politics, Science, Supreme Court

Supreme Court

  • Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on abortion makes no exception for women whose health is in danger. This DKos diary, “5 out of 9 SCOTUS justices say my mom should be dead,” describes in vivid personal terms how a late-term abortion saved the life of the writer’s mother, and how this new ruling means that a mother can be forced to sacrifice her own life in order to protect a fetus that isn’t able to survive on its own.
  • Also from Daily Kos: A profile of Liviu Librescu, holocaust survivor, who died while blocking the Virginia tech gunman so students could flee, via this Meteor Blades diary. And in “I Live in Blacksburg,” a resident of the town points out the foolishness of arguing that more guns on campus would have helped the situation.
  • Did Chinese producers deliberately add melamine to wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate, in order to create the appearance of higher protein content? For the latest updates on everything related to the pet food recall, keep your eye on Itchmo— they’re really staying on top of the story.
  • Some good news, for a change: The aldermanic election results in Chicago are being called a win for Labor.
  • Jane Goodall drops by the ape house at the Lincoln Park Zoo.
  • Internet radio may have been dealt a death blow, thanks to a sharp rise in royalty fees that will result from a new decision by the Copyright Royalty Board.
  • Why Hilary Benn rejects the phrase “War on Terror.”
  • Unbelievable. Tommy Thompson complimented an audience of Jewish activists on their prowess at making money. Yes, he really did that. And then, when he got flak for it, he said all bewildered-like that he had only meant to highlight the “accomplishments” of the Jewish religion. Words fail me. Who exactly told this man he should go into politics?
  • Insurance companies are denying coverage to same-sex New Jersey couples who have formed civil unions. Via Towleroad.
  • Researchers at UCLA believe they may have discovered why eating soy and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli helps protect against cancer.


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  • Aaron

    The Internet radio thing is absolutely unbelievable. Although it might be good for unsigned artists who want to get their music played, since podcasters will want to fill the vacuum left by the music they can no longer afford to buy…

    I never understood why they called it the “War on Terror,” until I realized that the Administration didn’t have any specific target nation–apparently, it’s just whoever pisses off Bush and his Viagra-soaked retinue. And has oil.