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About Ocelopotamus

What is Ocelopotamus?

1. Any of a number of imaginary beasts designed and manufactured exclusively by Ocelot Factory. The best known of these is probably Ocelopotamus Series Two, described in the 2007 Ocelot Factory catalog as:

Like a large hippopotamus, but with a furry spotted coat, and pointy feline ears and whiskers. Despite its placid river-dwelling nature, it is capable of surprising speed and grace when circumstances dictate, and can even climb trees, although the trees usually snap in two. It has a pair of large invisible wings that enable it to soar aloft, and it is capable of sending and receiving email using the sophisticated organic modem located in the rear of its cranium.

The ocelopotamus should not be confused with the oscillopotomus, a hippopotamus which is capable of rotating laterally at dizzying speeds.

2. The official news, politics, and culture blog of Ocelot Factory.

What is Ocelot Factory?

1. Ocelot Factory is a firm that designs, manufactures, and distributes imaginary ocelots, as well as a variety of other imaginary beasts.

Ocelot Factory’s creative services division also provides such services as writing, editing, Web content development, basic HTML coding, and Weblogging.

2. The official Web site of Ocelot Factory and its chief executive, Dave Awl.

Ocelopotamus Staff

Dave Awl is the editor-in-chief of Ocelopotamus, and currently its sole staffer. (If you don’t count the translucent orange gas giraffes.)

Dave is a writer and performer based in Chicago. He currently hosts a cabaret variety show called The Partly Dave Show. In 2002, Hope and Nonthings published his first book, What the Sea Means: Poems, Stories & Monologues, 1987-2002. He spent the 90s writing and performing in the hit fringe theater show Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind with The Neo-Futurists theater company. In the mid-90s he also founded the Pansy Kings performance series. He has appeared on the NPR show This American Life. He’s also an occasional New Wave DJ who spent a couple of years spinning records on Sunday nights at Club Foot in Wicker Park, and has spun a few guest sets at Planet Earth Chicago.

For much more, see the About Dave Awl page on Ocelot Factory.

A Note on Pronunciation


Say “Possums Anonymous” out loud and you’ll have the rhythm right and the vowels in the right place.

That’s right. Possums Anonymous! Say it again!

Here are some other words that sound sort of like Ocelopotamus:

  • Boston Harmonicas
  • Awesome Asparagus
  • Flossing an Octopus
  • Glossy Homunculus