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Some Nerve Showing Your Face Around These Parts

January 5th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Meta

So yeah, it’s been a while. Cobwebs everywhere. Belly-up insects on the windowsills.

I’m going to make another run at integrating this blog into my daily Facebooking and Twittering activities, partly by simplifying the way I post here. I’ve cleaned up the oppressively elaborate tagging system I used to use — pretty much only top-level categories now, no more cascading hierarchies like “Kids in the Hall > Daryll > Little Oompah-Band References.” And I’m not going to spend hours every day digging up copyright-free images to lovingly tweak in Photoshop to produce illustrations.

So, no promises, but we shall see what it is that we see. If nothing else this ought to be a useful place to park chunks of text that are too long to post as status updates or tweets.

Also, I’m no longer clinging to the silly mid-00s illusion that I can be semi-anonymous by hiding behind a blog name. It’s the era of real names on the Internet, so the blog is still Ocelopotamus but I’m Dave Awl now, like anyone who bothered to click on the About link or read a few postings could figger out pretty quick.


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