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Golden Compass Trailer

July 31st, 2007 · 6 Comments · Books, Culture, Fantasy, Film, Lit, News, Video

Finally! An “extended preview” trailer for The Golden Compass.

Been waiting for-EV-er for a look at this.

Hard to tell too much for sure, but it does seem like they’ve gotten the look of it right. And it seems like maybe it’s going to be fairly faithful to the book — fingers crossed anyway.

And also — was that Derek Jacobi? Because that couldn’t be a bad thing. (He doesn’t seem to be listed in the cast on IMDB or Wikipedia, but it sure looks like him.)

I remember when I read the books several years ago I was very amused that the evil blonde villainness is named Coulter. And of course I just mentally pictured Ann Coulter saying and doing all those vile things, and needless to say it worked perfectly.

I’m sure Nicole Kidman will do her best, but it really will be impossible for her to look as natural as Ann would kidnapping children and bossing around a sadistic golden monkey.

Via Towleroad.


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  • Jane

    Oh, Dave, thank you thank you thank you! Anticipation of the movie will ease my transition back to school and the fall term. What a movie it will be! What books! What superlative audiobooks! I might even go the first day! DidIsay”thankyou?’ — Jane

  • Ocelopotamus

    You’re welcome! Glad I could share it with you.

  • Hob

    That does look pretty good! Fingers crossed. The kid looks particularly well cast.

    Mrs. Coulter isn’t blonde in the book, by the way. Regardless, casting Ann Coulter would be a big mistake – the plot requires that lots of children think she is a friendly-looking person. But she’s perfect for one of the Harpies in the third book, who torment the souls of the dead just by talking to them non-stop.

    Hearing about the movie prompted me to do a high-speed reread of the books. I was hoping that my memory had been too harsh on the second and third books – unfortunately I still think they’re a terrible mess, really muddled and preachy and surprisingly poorly written, although the third one has a few more good bits than I remembered (mostly in the underworld). The first one is great.

  • Ocelopotamus

    Ah, thanks for the correction on the blonde thing, Eli. I guess my mind’s eye just filled that in.

  • Ocelopotamus

    Eli wrote:

    >>Regardless, casting Ann Coulter would be a big mistake – the plot requires that lots of children think she is a friendly-looking person.

    … and yet, apparently lots of children do think Ann Coulter is a friendly-looking person.

    I am referring to the staffs of Time Magazine, Fox News, etc.

  • Aaron

    That definitely WAS Derek Jacobi in the trailer…not sure why he’s not included in the IMDB.com list, unless he preferred to be uncredited (like Gary Oldman in “Hannibal”).

    Ann Coulter looks very friendly…especially to a certain class of businessmen in the Hyatt Regency cocktail lounge, I’ll bet…