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A Magical MASH-Up

July 27th, 2007 · 4 Comments · Blogs, Books, Comedy, Culture, Fantasy, Fiction, TV

Harry “Sherman” PotterJim over at empty-handed.com finally figured out who this Harry Potter person everyone keeps talking about is.

And he has provided no less than five new books chronicling the adventures of this popular character. The results are pure wizardry! With, um, surgical precision.

And lucky you, I’ve giving you links to the whole five-book series.

Book the First.

Book the Second.

Book the Third.

Book the Fourth

Book the Fifth.

Beware the Paintbrush of Paintbrushing!


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  • Jim in Buffalo

    But the actor’s name is Harry Morgan, the character’s name is Colonel Sherman T. Potter.

    I guess that’s what the mash-up is, the first name of the actor and the last name of the character.

    I wonder how many more little gags like that are out there.

  • jima

    There are seven.

  • Connie

    Nice try “jima” but you are incorrect.
    I know for a fact that there are 13.
    Being unemployed and completely random like nobody’s business, I took the time to count all 13 of them.
    A list is forthcoming.

  • Jane

    Connie! hi!