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Video Roundup: Colbert, Stewart, and Olbermann

July 20th, 2007 · 3 Comments · Comedy, Culture, Healthcare Crisis, LGBT, Media, News, Politics, TV, Video

First up, Stephen interviews Michael Moore … all the way from Brazil! 
Next, Jon Stewart’s take on anti-gay Surgeon General nominee James Holsinger, in which he manages to reveal some surprising truths inherent in plumbing fixtures. (I previously posted Colbert’s take on Holsinger’s fixture fixation, but Stewart gets some good mileage out of it, too.) 
Finally, watching Keith Olbermann make fun of Falafel Bill O’Reilly is always good for the soul, and this week he gave Bill a particularly good loofah-ing. The last minute is especially entertaining.



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  • Jim in Buffalo

    When it comes to Jon Stewart, I wouldn’t go as far as David Rakoff and say that I’d drink his bath water, but he’s probably the best thing to happen to American politics since Edward R. Murrow.

  • Ocelopotamus

    I generally find that Jon Stewart’s bathwater requires only a twist of lime and possibly a small tiki umbrella to make it palatable. (Colbert’s is a little more brackish, and I usually spike it with rum.)

    Also, thanks for helping me notice that I typoed John Jon Stewart’s name (fixed). I always appreciate proofreading help, intentional or not.

  • Aaron

    Thanks heavens, I needn’t have sanitized my comment about Bill O’Reilly…I was so concerned. I thought Robert Bork was going to sue me or something (he’d definitely trip on MY stairs–coated as they are with Blue Bonnet).