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Roundup: Giant Hourglass Edition

April 30th, 2007 · 3 Comments · Activism, Apple, Blogs, Books, Culture, Education, Fantasy, Foreign Policy, Health, Human Rights, Lit, Media, News, Politics, Science, Science Fiction, Tech, TV

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  • Aaron

    Oprah won’t give the James Frey treatment to the war machine for one simple reason: none of them would ever appear on her show or agree to be interviewed by her. Her show tends to recruit nice, pliable celebrities that she can sit on the couch and gush with about how famous they both are. Sinister politicians are to the Oprah guest as Everclear is to Harvey’s Bristol Creme. I doubt some crusty, misogynistic, rich old man is going to take a drubbing from someone as flamboyantly self-righteous as Oprah. (Anyway, politicians don’t care what we think once they’re in office. Unless they plan on running again, and–guess what??!) :-)

  • Ocelopotamus

    Well … she has had politicians on her show before, including GWB himself. But Schwarz at the TMW link cited above isn’t talking about politicians, he’s talking about the war promoters in the media, like Judith Miller, and he points out that Judith Miller was on the Oprah show back in 2002, stumping for the war. So why doesn’t Oprah have her back for a grilling? Now, you could argue that maybe Miller would refuse to return if she knew she was going to get grilled, but in that case Oprah could always grill her in absentia. (And then serve her audience little grilled pundit sandwiches. And give them a car. And all that other Oprah stuff.)

  • Aaron

    Now that you mention it, I vaguely remember Bush being on Oprah (although he’s really a stooge for other assholes running the show). I didn’t watch (I didn’t have the stomach for it), so I have no idea what she asked him (“how many pairs of underpants has Jenna lost?”).

    Point taken on Judith Miller, but since she’s been to jail, she’s already been “disgraced” and nobody really seems to feel she’s relevant anymore. There others who were just as bad, anyway. (Hell, even big gay Dan Savage supported the war and wrote a column saying we were “idiots” if we didn’t.) But again, the folks who supported it won’t appear now, because the tide has turned against them. They have to stick to Fox News, because that’s the only place they won’t get called out. (And grilling someone in absentia isn’t something Oprah would do–she’d insist on seeing them in person so she could give them her patented Oprah Reproachful Look!)