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News Roundup: Dinosaur Dig Edition

April 13th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Apple, Business, Comedy, Culture, Feminism, Hate Crimes, Health, Human Rights, LGBT, Music, Nature, New Wave, News, Politics, Science, Software, TV


  • The White House is claiming that oops, they managed to lose a whole bunch of critically important emails, but as any decent techie knows, deleted emails aren’t really deleted. Someone better sit poor Karl Rove down and explain to him about file recovery utilities.
  • Speaking of recovering things thought lost forever — scientists have recovered and analyzed protein from soft tissue in a well-preserved dinosaur bone from 68 million years ago.
  • Stem cell research may be able to cure insulin-dependent diabetes.
  • A 15-year-old openly gay high school student in Colorado has been violently attacked by a group of six fellow students. The student’s mother says she feels authorities are “dragging their feet” in responding to the incident. The attackers have been suspended from school but not yet expelled, and no arrests have been made.
  • Meanwhile, a man in Tennessee has been the victim of two attacks in the past three weeks, including having the words “fags deserve to die” painted on his home as well as a smashed mailbox and a rock through his window. He believes the attackers are trying to drive him out of his community, but he’s vowing to stay.
  • Wikipedia had to lock down its entry on business negotiations after last week’s episode of The Office which featured boss Michael getting tips from the fictional version of that entry. None of the very questionable tips Michael supposedly found in the episode were actually part of the entry, but after the show, people started trying to add them.
  • I know this much is true — Spandau Ballet is reforming.
  • EMI and Beatles settle royalties dispute — moving the world one step closer toward downloadable Beatles songs.
  • Apple delays release of Leopard by four months in order to deliver the iPhone on time. Fine by me — I’m still learning my way around Tiger. I’d really prefer that they wait a little longer between these major OS releases, and I bet most users would agree with me.
  • Mattel creates a line of toy cars just for girls. And why do they think girls would want a car? So they can go to the mall, silly! Why else?


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  • Aaron

    Don’t people carry guns in TN? (I seem to recall that Southerners are really big on Bare Arms.) Perhaps Mr. Anthony shoot take some shooting lessons . Then he could wing the next “all-terrain vehicle” that comes a-whoopin’ and a-hollerin’ and yee-hawin’ through his yard. Maybe take out a tire. Cause an accident. (Hey, if it can happen to Ozzy Osbourne…)