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Ladies, Your Viewing Figures Just Went Up

April 7th, 2007 · 2 Comments · Comedy, Culture, Doctor Who, LGBT, Science Fiction, TV, Video

Just because I love you, here’s a three-part chat show interview with John Barrowman, who plays Captain Jack (the swashbuckling bisexual time traveler from the 51st century) on both Doctor Who and its spinoff series, Torchwood. He talks about his recent knot-tying ceremony with his partner Scott, switches back and forth between his American and Scottish accents, and serves up some good backstage dish.

Host Charlotte Church has a lot of fun letting the mercurial Mr. Barrowman prove that he’s just as mischievous as the iconic character he plays, and even if you haven’t seen either show, I think you’ll find this interview highly entertaining. Official notice: It gets kind of blue at some points — OK, most points — and it’s probably not safe for work, so watch it at home or put on your headphones.

Here’s the first part:

… and here are links to the other two parts on YouTube:

Watch segment 2 to find out what David Tennant’s rather naughty backstage nickname is.

And in segment 3, you get to hear how John characterizes certain characteristics of Sean B. Hayes (aka Jack from Will & Grace).

Via AfterElton.com.


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