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The ABC’s of Early 80’s Mo-Romance

February 15th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Culture, Fiction, Film, LGBT, Lit, Music, New Wave, TV, Video

And now for something a little on the lighter side — and a nice follow-up to Valentine’s Day.

ABC’s “All of My Heart” + Brideshead Revisited = high school drama club heaven, circa 1982. Possibly the best combination since peanut butter and chocolate … the British horror of peanut butter notwithstanding.

(Note: This may not be safe for work, if you work somewhere uptight, due to a very quick shot of bare heinies on a rooftop.)

Remember, Brideshead Revisited was the Brokeback Mountain of the early 80s. Except English, and better dressed.


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  • Aaron

    I remember how much I WANTED Anthony Andrews back when I first saw that. Then he did that terrible remake of “Suspicion” with Jane Curtin (???), and the spell was broken…

    I loved ABC, too. Even though most of their chart hits sounded alike, except “Poison Arrow”…that’s still my favorite (“You think you’re smart, stupid, stupid” was so lyrically primal. It was the “nyah nyah nyah” of New Wave dance).

  • jim s.

    i watched brideshead religiously when i was in high school. every week on pbs. but i never quite understood or realised just what it was about the show that had me hooked. i think now i’m beginning to realise what it was. well, these things take time, as the song goes.

    oh, and that teddy bear he carried around!

    for me, brideshead led to another country, which led to maurice, and by then my glorious path was cast in stone.

    (you know, i’ve been stuck in bed with a flu the past couple days..i may just make myself some tea and crack open the box set this evening…)

  • Ocelopotamus

    Oooh, Another Country! That was the best antidote to BR withdrawal.

    Back when The Rupe was The Rupe and doing great work in smart movies.

    “Everything beautiful is slightly lopsided …” Sigh.