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LinkingIn at CreativePro

January 18th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Blogs, Business, Culture, Essays, Internet, Journal, Social Media/Social Networking, Tech

CreativePro articleI have an article published on CreativePro.com this morning, called “The Fine Art of Linking In.” (It’s the featured article for Friday, January 18, 2008.)

That was one of the projects that’s been keeping me busy the last few weeks.

As the title suggests, it’s basically tips for using LinkedIn effectively — how to spiff up your profile, build your network of connections, and scratch backs so you get a little scritchy-scratch back.

CreativePro.com is a site that features news, how-to articles, and other features geared toward people who work as creatives — everything from, say, Photoshop tips for designers and artists, to how to drum up new business as a freelancer.

The folks at CreativePro are nice people and I really like writing for them. I had previously written a piece about Adobe Illustrator’s LivePaint feature (“Live Paint Is a Bucket of Fun”) in December of 2005, way back when that feature was new in Illustrator CS2. Some of the details in that article are out of date now that CS3 is out and the LivePaint functionality has changed a little, but it’s still a decent intro to the basic concept of LivePaint.

Anyway, if you check out the LinkedIn article, let me know what you think!

Also, I need to give props to my pal Chris Bell over at NZBC. As noted in the article itself, it was his pot-stirring blog post — asking whether there was any real value to LinkedIn — that first got me to write out a list of what I like about it, which in turn eventually led to this article. So thanks again, Mr. Bell.


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