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10-Second Interview

November 20th, 2007 · 7 Comments · Internet, Journal, Meta, Online Communities, Software

I had a fun little time doing the 10-Second Interview app for my Facebook profile just now, and I thought I’d share the results here, too, for those of you who have yet to be assimilated by the book of the faces.

Plus, you’re getting the extended mix that doesn’t all show up on the main profile page. On limited-edition Day-Glo vinyl, with a foldout poster for your locker.

******A 10-Second Interview with Dave Awl******

What are three words that sum you up?
Precious little pumpkin.

What album could you listen to every day for the rest of your life?
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

Which of your Facebook friends have you made out with?
All of them. It’s the price of admission to my friends list.

Mary Kate or Ashley?
John Stamos.

What one possession would you save in a fire?
A magic box that contains a replacement for everything I own.

The OC or Dawson’s Creek?

Would you rather own a dog named Growler or a parrot named Captain?
In my boyhood on Vulcan, I had a teddy bear with fangs.

Everything is negotiable in a relationship, except…
I expect to be treated like a lady.

What was (or will be) your wedding song?
“Rock Lobster.”

What does the tooth fairy do with all those teeth?
Fairy things. If you have to ask, you probably shouldn’t know.

The best question I’ve seen so far on 10 Second Interview is…
You, you sexy little beast.

Have you ever been on TV?
Yes, and it’s clear it was not designed to support my weight.

Automatic or stick shift?

What’s one magical thing that happened today?
When I woke up, I was dressed by animated birds and things while I sang a pretty song.

Skim milk, Lowfat milk, Whole milk, or Chocolate milk?
Vanilla soy milk.

If I were pregnant, I’d probably crave…
some kind of explanation.

What would you do for a new car?
Can I get the cash value instead? Beause then we’ll talk.

Pepsi or Coke?
Iced peppermint green tea.

I feel at peace when…
I’m at a Joan Baez concert.

What was the best movie this year?

In 20 years, I will be…
Flying around in a little jet car that folds up into a wallet when I’m done with it.

No matter how badly I needed the money, I’d never…
work for McDonald’s, Monsanto, or Wal-Mart.

Kevin Federline is…
who, exactly?

Would you go under Rihanna’s umberella ella ella eh eh eh?
I feel vaguely harrassed by that question and you’ll be hearing from my attorneys.

Truth or Dare?
Daring truth.

How old were you when you had your first date?
Still waiting …

Cat person, dog person, or not into pets?
Animal person. I love them all, even the rodents, but I relate best to the kitties.

How many days past expiration are you willing to drink milk?
I don’t think I’ll be able to drink anything once I’ve expired. Well, unless there’s milk in heaven.


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  • jim s.

    “if i were pregnant…” Ha! Hee-larious! I laughed out loud! Whew … I dunno, though, if these questions represent the kind of place the ‘book is, i just may keep my distance. One such outlet is enough for me for now.


  • Ocelopotamus

    Jim, the nice thing about FB, in my experience so far, is that it is precisely as entertaining as your friends are. So as long as you like your friends (which is pretty much a given) you’ll have a good time there.

  • Jorjet

    You are so hilarious!

  • amyc

    Just when I thought “precious little pumpkin” was the funniest thing I’d read all day, I got to the pregnancy question. If the MyFace is always this much fun, perhaps I’ll rethink my aversion.

  • Grendel

    There were many funny ones, but didn’t you mean “Peppermint green tea-upon-ice”? An understandable slip of the keyboard.

  • Ocelopotamus

    Grendel, I thank and commend you for remembering the proper name of the beverage. As a fellow working editor, I know you know what it’s like to be compelled by common convention to spell (for example) grey as “gray” even though you know in your heart that “grey” is a much prettier way to spell the word. And so I have learned to conform to the way the rest of the world refers to my invention, and to hardly even notice that no one ever credits me. But your comment restores to me something of that sense of achievement I had, alone in my kitchen, the night I transformed the beverage world forever.

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