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News: The Pleasure of the Preznit

March 21st, 2007 · 1 Comment · Blogroll, Blogs, Books, Business, Chicago, Culture, Film, Food, Health, HIV/AIDS, LGBT, Music, News, Politics, Science

Peachy• Preznit Bush is stonewalling and hurling threats of a constitutional showdown over subpoenas. Ocelopotamus say: Call. His. Bluff. If he refuses to obey the rule of law, commence the impeachication.

Meanwhile, over at Crooks and Liars, we read this:

President Bush kept making the point over and over that allowing his staff members (i.e. Karl Rove) to testify under oath would hamper his ablility to “get quality advice,” but as ThinkProgress noted earlier today, 31 of Clinton’s top aides testified before Congress on 47 different occasions.

I’m trying to imagine how Bush could possibly get lower-quality advice than what he’s been getting from the neocon rocket scientists who gave him the green light to invade Iraq, and are apparently telling him every single day that the president isn’t subject to any pesky laws or anything. In fact, if that’s his concern, he could put together an expert panel consisting of Ted Baxter, Ralph Wiggum, Vinnie Barbarino, Britney Spears, and that guy from the Archie comics who said “D-uh” all the time, and dramatically improve the quality of advice he gets on a day-to-day basis.

Iggy Pop gets frustrated, “barks at” camera operators during “secret show” with reunited Stooges. (Well, what did you think he meant when he said that thing about being your dog?)

• Oakland Park, Florida elects openly gay, HIV-positive Larry Gierer as mayor. Via Towleroad.

• A creative struggle is apparently raging behind the scenes at the studio producing Across the Universe, described as “a $45-million psychedelic love story set to the music of the Beatles.”

I hope the studio doesn’t wreck this movie, because it sounds like it could be a good time if it doesn’t get dumbed down:

The movie, set to 35 Beatles songs, seems to spring from Ms. Taymor’s experimental sandbox, combining live action with painted and three-dimensional animation and puppets, and featuring cameos by Eddie Izzard, dressed as a freakish Mr. Kite; Bono, singing “I Am the Walrus”; and Joe Cocker, singing “Come Together.”

• Borders may be looking to close four of its stores in Chicago, including the Clark & Diversey location, thanks to a “steep decline” in music sales among other factors.

• Previous two items are courtesy of my friend Norm Sloan, probably the best blogger I know who doesn’t actually have a blog.

• Study shows that a high-fat diet increases risk of breast cancer.

• The FDA is now examining the possibility that wheat gluten used in the recalled pet food was contaminated by mold.

• Thanks to EarthGoat, Rubber Nun, and Underverse for blogrolling Ocelopotamus. Also, fellow Bradley U alumnus Jim A. has some sage words of wisdom for us.


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  • kev

    The guy who says “duh” all the time in Archie Comics is “Moose”. Funny you should mention it, Moose is actually the Deputy Secretary of Defense right now.