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High Ate Us: OcPot on Temporary Leave of Absence Till Early October-ish

September 24th, 2007 · 10 Comments · Food, Journal, Meta

dragonAs you can probably deduce from Kiwi’s guest post a few days ago, the packing operations have escalated from Major to Serious. It’s now less than a week till the movers come, and all holy heck is being unleashed. Mountains of books, CDs, and various other items are indeed being dismantled and certain dodgy pieces of furniture have been relocated to a nearby alley.

In regard to Kiwi’s specific complaints, especially regarding the “dragon,” I would like to point out that the new dragon (a Kenmore canister model) that I recently purchased at Sears is significantly quieter than the old dragon, not that the boys seem to notice or appreciate that difference. I also do my best to warn them when the dragon is about to appear: Okay, guys, I’ll say, going to be doing a bit of vacuuming now, try not to take it personally, okay?

Sometimes I even try to shoo them from the room where the dragon is going to manifest its evil ahead of time, but this never works. They just look at me like I’m crazy right up until the moment the monster I have prophesied appears. Cassandra must have felt much the same.

At any rate, speaking of things I have prophesied, as I head into this last week of beat-the-calendar packing, I need to press the pause button on Ocelopotamus until after the move.

So, please know that the lack of activity here for the next week or two is temporary, and that your favorite imaginary tree-climbing pachyderm should be back online sometime around the second week of October, once Kiwi and Mr. Blue and I are settled in our new abode, and have managed to reconnect ourselves to the Interwebs.

Oh, and: For new visitors here who may be unfamiliar with Kiwi, there’s a recent photo of him here.

In the meantime, while the site is on hiatus, I got you a little something to keep you entertained, which I spotted at the grocery store last week:

entertainment crackers

… “Entertainment Crackers”!

Mind you, I’m not sure exactly how they’re supposed to entertain you — what, do they do impressions or something? Or maybe they dance around in little feather boas singing “Let Me Entertain You,” like Ginger Grant? And then Mary Ann serves you a coconut cream pie. Mmm, coconut.

Well, keep an eye on them. They’re bound to do something interesting sooner or later. After all, the box wouldn’t lie, would it?


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  • Connie

    A great advertising product.
    Also entertaining I hope.
    Get it
    Me on Blogspot

  • Connie

    A great advertising product.
    Also entertaining I hope.
    Get it

  • Connie

    It’s just not working right.
    Anyway, there’s a link.

  • Aaron

    You could avoid the “dragon” problem by simply refusing to vacuum, as I do. My cat has never been happier.

    Or dustier.

  • Ocelopotamus

    Connie, I think your “ad in a can” idea has potential.

    Aaron, I like the way you think, but don’t encourage me!

    Actually, with Dragon Lady I could possibly have taken your advice (and sometimes did for a month or two at a time).

    But with Mr. Blue in the mix, it’s a whole different ballgame. He sheds enough fur to knit three or four cable-knit sweaters in a single afternoon.

    After a week with no dragon-ing, my entire apartment would be lined with a three-inch layer of blue-grey fur, and people would think that I had carpeting instead of hardwood — and that the carpet had been accidentally been laid down over my furniture and various other possessions as well as the floor.

  • amyc

    Did you survive the move, Dave?

  • Ocelopotamus

    Survived. Just barely. No thanks to AT&T, who, in their classic brilliant style, decided to transfer my landline to my empty new apartment two days before they were supposed to, leaving me with no Internet access (I had DSL) and no home answering machine for the weekend. I’m on dial-up for the next couple of days, till my new cable modem gets installed. I got about eight hours of sleep spread out across the last three days, and I think I lost 10 lbs. in 48 hours from the continuous stairclimbing.

    But I’m here. And the cats seem to be finally calming down a little. They were tharn for the first 24 hours and once they ventured out of their carriers Mr. Blue kept hissing at Kiwi like he’d never seen him before. But last night they turned the corner, I think, and are starting to realize that they have not been delivered to the Land of Dragons. Yet.

    Thanks for asking, Amy! Nice to know someone was checking in. And how was your weekend?

  • jim s.

    hmm, i think you may have, much like your ‘tea upon ice’ discovery, stumbled upon another brilliant idea.
    you say you think you lost some body weight from continuous stairclimbing? I have heard that there are people around, here and there, who may voluntarily ‘climb’ stairs, in order to get themselves more ‘physically fit,’ and perhaps decrease their body weight in the process.
    Couple this experience of yours with your talent for writing [and marketing, of course] and you could likely sell, to these people, a book or pamphlet on how to achieve a lower body weight by climbing stairs. Perhaps at some point in the future you can partner [as a verb] with someone in the manufacturing arena to manufacture portable, free-standing flights of stairs, maybe with your signature on them, for people who have the misfortune to live in single-story homes.
    Hmm, it’s probably ridiculous to imagine that someone with empty storefront space would collect a bunch of these stair-flights for those who have no stairs or free space in their own homes to climb publicly.
    Crazy, i know.

  • Ocelopotamus

    Jim, you don’t want to spit out too many revolutionary ideas in too short a period of time. People will think you’re mad, like Tesla.

    Of course the upside is that eventually David Bowie will play you in movies …

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