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The Song Lyric That Made Me Cry Today

September 15th, 2007 · 2 Comments · Culture, Journal, Music, Poetry

This one:

I guess all I’m really saying
is how I think you’re wrong here
and some things are worth the chaos
that they come along with

— Trembling Blue Stars, “Letter Never Sent” (which has a bridge worthy of Neil Finn)

Trembling Blue Stars

(First installment in a possible recurring series … feel free to share your own favorite tear-jerking lyrics in the comments.)


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  • Jane

    Oh, thank you for the invitation and the idea, and Ah! I won’t say what your lyrics put me in mind of.
    Here’s a lyric fragment that always makes me pensive, if not actually crying — and it’s been working its magic on my since the sixties…

    From Tom Rush’s singing of Starlight….

    [First, to get you in the mood, the opening:

    Like starlight on dark water,
    My love brought life to me,
    And I am dying wanting her,
    And she is loving, living free,

    And Jesus,
    You’ve got to help me this time,
    Sweet saviour,
    I’m lost and I’m blind…]

    And here’s the selected lines:

    Sun, she dies so quietly,
    So sure of resurrection,
    And I am dying in the street
    Crying for connection.

    Ch. And Jesus, you’ve got to help me this time…..

  • Ocelopotamus

    That’s lovely, Jane. Thanks for posting it.