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Clip and Trailer for Todd Haynes’ New Dylan Movie, I’m Not There

August 24th, 2007 · 3 Comments · Culture, Film, Music, Video

For those looking forward to Todd Haynes’ new film about Bob Dylan I’m Not There, in which Dylan is played by six different and very diverse actors, here’s a leaked clip from the movie with Cate Blanchett as Dylan and David Cross as Allen Ginsberg. If the whole movie is this much fun we’re in for a real treat.

And here’s the official trailer for the movie.

It’s interesting to read that Dylan himself has endorsed the film.

Via Andy at Towleroad, who has photos of the various Dylan actors, the movie poster, and more.


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  • Jane

    The whole thing jsut boggles my mind! It’ll be terrific!! Dyan! Cate Blanchett!! or, it’ll be really weird and possibly bad — Cate Blanchett/Dylan????

  • Ocelopotamus

    I suspect that those who show up expecting a realistic biopic of Dylan (i.e., those who didn’t read anything about the movie before seeing it) will hate it, whereas those who are open to a playful, symbolistic riff on the idea of Dylan will love it.

    Or: Those of us who loved Velvet Goldmine will also love this, and those who didn’t, won’t.

    That said, it’s interesting that Bowie was so unhappy about Velvet Goldmine that he wouldn’t even allow his songs to be used, whereas Dylan is so happy about this film that he’s allowing a previously unreleased recording of his (the song the movie gets its name from) to appear on the soundtrack.

  • Jane

    I hope Dylan also liked “Masked and Anonymous,” which I think is brilliant, with fine music. Thanks once again for brining my head back up out of the hothouse that is back-to-work-at-school! It’s fun, but it limits one’s survey of the rest of the world.