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Boiling Some Cabbage with the Smothers Brothers

August 8th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Comedy, Culture, Music, TV, Video

Because I could use a little cheering up tonight … some classic Smothers Brothers.

Remember, if you’re a folksinger, when someone says “take it” you are obligated to take it.

And here’s an updated version of “Cabbage” from the 80s. Now with bonus naked bacon!

Poor Tommy … all those years later and he still hasn’t learned how to take it. He does, however, know how to do some yo-yo tricks.

And just to really get this hootenanny fired up … what the heck, let’s wheel out Peter, Paul, Mary, and Donovan.

You’ll notice that when Donovan tells the Brothers to take it, they take it.

Because Donovan is very deep in the ways of the Force.

Now I have to go back to trying to earn some cabbage in my boiling home office … but at least I’ll know what to yell if I fall in a vat of chocolate.


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