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B-52’s Update: New Album, Cindy & Fred Interviews, and “Glove Slap,” Baby

August 6th, 2007 · 2 Comments · Culture, Music, New Wave, News, TV, Video

Cindy Wilson
Yet another piece about the new B-52’s album, all recorded now with 12 shiny new songs, and just waiting for the right record deal to bring it to the public.

The super-lucky-ducky writer of the piece got to sit around and listen to the new album with Cindy Wilson in her basement, and offers this advance review:

The 12 songs alternately pulse and rock with a thoroughly modern sheen, thanks to in-demand producer Steve Osbourne (KT Tunstall, U2), the signature sound of the band balancing insistent dance-club grooves, and Keith Strickland’s inventive guitar flourishes and goofy pop-culture narratives.

The vocals from Wilson, Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson are playful, sinewy and dynamic. The material is sassy, hooky and kitschy. And the whole thing sounds remarkably like it could be a lost project from sometime in the late ’80s, yet it doesn’t rely on tired retreads or obvious rip-offs from the past.

Standouts from the first listen include “Funplex,” “Juliet of the Spirits,” the anthemic “Hot Corner” and “Let’s Keep This Party Going On.” Overall, there seems to be at least five strong-enough-to-be-hit singles. The rest are well-crafted album cuts with no obvious filler. It could very well become the band’s best-received album of its career – if it’s properly promoted and heard.

The piece also notes:

Since the music exists only as a completed master with no cover art, title or distribution deal, the only way fans can hear the new songs is live on tour, mixed in with the hits. “This summer we’re taking it out on the road, doing about half of [the album], to see the crowd reaction. So far it’s been great, people really like all the new songs.”

I hope they get that distribution deal soon.

(Also, I have to give points to the writer for name-checking both Yoko Ono and Lene Lovich in the piece’s opening paragraph.)

There’s also an interview from Time Out London, with Fred talking about the new album, “our stupid president,” and the Scissor Sisters.

Here’s a very dodgy video of the 2’s performing their new song “Pump” from the forthcoming album. The sound quality is horrendous, and the guitar riff and the drums are about all you can make out — but if you’re a fan, it’s still kind of fun to hear.

And, with the same disclaimers, this is a little snippet of “Juliet of the Spirits.”

I give it stars.

Finally, The B-52’s news page notes that “Glove Slap” from The Simpsons will be included on the next Simpsons soundtrack, Testify, slated for release September 18.


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