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Rescued! (by DKos and Akismet)

May 19th, 2007 · 3 Comments · Activism, Blogs, Internet, Journal, Meta, Pets, Politics

Hey! As I just noted in an update to my NY Ferrets Against Giuliani entry from Thursday, I cross-posted it as a diary over at Daily Kos, and it made the Friday Night Diary Rescue list! Not too shabby for only my second diary over there.

Also, regular commenters may have noticed that the comment delay is gone — I’ve installed WordPress’s anti-sp@m plug-in Akismet and it seems to be working well.

(Actually, it turns out that my hosting service, DreamHost, had helpfully installed Akismet for me as part of the automatic WordPress install … and I just hadn’t known I needed to activate it. So I went to install it and found it already there, grinning at me like a lolcat in a laundry basket. Well, anyhoo, it’s all cranked up now — glad we got that cleared up!)


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  • jim

    so, were there like a bazillion ‘hits’ or whatever you tech-savvy kids call it after Kos gave the Ocelopot a virtual shout-out [and link]?

  • Ocelopotamus

    No, certainly not a bazillion. Turns out that in a community the size of Daily Kos, you have to do a *lot* to make an impression there. Which is only logical, in retrospect. So, after three diaries and a couple of dozen comments, I feel like I’m just starting to make some friends over there.

    Making the Rescue list was a nice little validation, but keep in mind that that shout-out/link was not a direct link to Ocelopotamus.com, but to my member page on DKos, where people can look at my profile and read my other diaries and comments and things. (And of course on my profile page, there is a link back here to Oceloptamus.com.)

    So, to find their way from DKos to OcPot, people pretty much have to visit my profile page first and *then* click on a link to OcPot. (Or click the “cross-posted at” link in one of my diaries.)

    That said, judging from my traffic stats, I’ve had about half a dozen visitors today from DKos. Hey, I’ll take it! Building an audience for a new blog turns out to be pretty hard work, and a few new clickers who didn’t know me before are always a good thing.

  • Parthena

    I bow down humbly in the preencse of such greatness.