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News Roundup: Indirect Role-Playing Edition

April 16th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Adobe, Business, Comics, Culture, Food, Hate Crimes, Health, LGBT, Media, Music, New Wave, News, Politics, Software

Water Balloons

  • Gonzales is now helpfully explaining that he only had an “indirect” role in the firing of the U.S. attorneys. Yes, just like I had an indirect role in what happened to the passersby who got hit by those water balloons I dropped yesterday. I mean, all I did was let go! It was the water balloons themselves that got the people all wet.

    In hindsight, of course, I would have handled it differently. I’m sorry for the missteps I made that helped to fuel the controversy. It’s clear I should have done more to ensure that the review process was more rigorous before I let go of the balloons, and the ass-kicking I got from all the mad wet people had nothing to do with the timing of this apology.

    Fortunately, Kiwi and Mr. Blue say they have “every confidence” in my ability to handle water balloons responsibly in the future, so really, that’s all that matters.

  • At a time when everything, including food production, is increasingly outsourced overseas, food safety experts say that imported food is rarely inspected, and the US doesn’t have adequate control over the situation.

    The FDA and the USDA have adopted a “risk-based” inspection philosophy, focusing on specific foods, sources or producers that they believe represent the largest potential risk to the public’s health.

    … Caroline Smith DeWaal, director of food safety at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, an advocacy group, countered that “risk-based” is just shorthand for “reduced resources.”

    “Whenever they say ‘risk-based approach,’ it often means they don’t have enough staff to actually do the job. They’re doing triage. They’re trying to hit what’s most important to inspect but they’re missing a lot,” DeWaal said.

  • Meanwhile, during Senate hearings on the pet food recall, Dick Durbin hits the nail on the head (as usual):

    “What’s the connection between E. coli on spinach and contaminated pet food?” Durbin asked. “Unfortunately it’s the same broken food safety program.”

  • Hate Crimes bill introduced in the Senate, now named after Matthew Shepard.
  • Adobe unveils its new free video player (called, cleverly enough, Adobe Video Player). The new player builds on the technology of Flash player, and will let consumers play back video both online and offline.
  • The comics: Tom Tomorrow has Bush vs. Nixon, while Tom the Dancing Bug has Bush vs. a hornet’s nest.
  • Harvey Fierstein’s take on the Don Imus meltdown, from the NYT. Via Joe. My. God.
  • More on the forthcoming B-52’s album from the band’s official News page:

    The new album is under way!
    The B’s have gone back to their Athens, GA. roots to record the second half of their long-awaited new album. (The first half was recorded in Rhinebeck, NY. last fall.) They are currently in the studio crafting some heavy grooves with producer Steve Osborne (KT Tunstall, New Order, Manic Street Preachers) and programmers Damian Taylor (Bjork) and Pete Davis (New Order). We project a release of fall 2007! Read the album updates from Keith and Kate and Fred at www.theb52s.com for more info.


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  • Aaron

    I particularly loved reading how Gonzales referred to the Geneva convention as “quaint.”

    Yeah, well, it’s a “quaint” document that has our signature on it, buddy. So if you’re going to spit on it, you be the one to stand up and explain to the world why U.S. all look like hypocrites when we were the ones to push for it in the first place. And please, direct any angry retaliations to your front door.

    All imported food is just delightful. Except Marmite. That’s just horrible.