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In Chicago: More on the May 2nd Special Edition of The Partly Dave Show

April 13th, 2007 · 6 Comments · Chicago, Comedy, Culture, Fringe, Journal, Music, Neo-Futurists, News, Performance, Poetry, The Partly Dave Show, Theater

Partly Dave Show logoContinuing the brand-new tradition of breaking news about The Partly Dave Show here on Ocelopotamus first, I can now confirm the full lineup for our upcoming show, and fill you in on why we’re doing it and what’s so goll-dang special about it.

Here’s the deal: the shadowy white-coated figures at The Partly Dave Show’s underwater research laboratories have for some time now been working on developing a podcast version of the show. It’ll essentially be the same recipe as the live show: Dave, his co-hosts and his spoken-word guests mixing comedy, monologues, poetry, and stories with the rocking musical contributions of rocking bands we love, all adapted into a radio-show format that will allow us to branch out in some fun new directions.

So, first thing, this show on May 2nd at The Neo-Futurarium is going to be a mix of favorite pieces from past editions of The Partly Dave Show (with a few new bits thrown in for spice), and we’re going to be recording it live in order to try out our podcast recording skills and get some live recordings we can feature in the first few episodes of the podcast. So if you show up, you get to be part of our first-ever studio audience!

Second thing: it’s a benefit party in support of the podcast! (That’s why we’re calling it the Party Mix Edition.) We’re looking to raise funds to cover some start-up expenses — bandwidth, recording equipment, etc. — and all the performers are donating their performances toward that goal.

We’ll be asking a slightly higher suggested donation for this event than in the past — $12 instead of our previous $7 — but it’ll still be our usual “pay what you can” approach, so you don’t have to stay home washing your hair again if it turns out you’re broke that week or something.

And of course, if you want to donate a little more toward making the Partly Dave Show podcast a reality, we’ll be thrilled at your largesse. (Of course, we’re always thrilled at your largesse, because who doesn’t love largesse?)

So, here’s that confirmed lineup I promised you!

WHAT: The Partly Dave Show: Party Mix Edition!

WHO: Hosted by Dave Awl, with his co-hosts Christopher Piatt and Diana Slickman, plus performances by Neo-Futurist Rachel Claff, Kurt Heintz of e-poets.net, and Jonathan Messinger of The Dollar Store show. Plus live music by the one and only EVEN IN BLACKOUTS!

WHEN: Wednesday night, May 2nd, at 7:30pm.

WHERE: The Neo-Futurarium, 5153 N. Ashland (at Foster), in Chicago

HOW MUCH: $12 suggested donation, or “pay what you can.” Feel free to donate more if you can, but don’t stay home ’cause you’re broke!

Also: Ocelopotamus would like to mention that Oobleckian and Partly Dave Show regular Dan Telfer will be performing in the preliminary rounds of a stand-up comedy competition this Saturday night, April 14, at a “billiards cafe” called Pressure, located at 6318 N. Clark (near Granville). Admission is $10, $5 for students. Snacks are available. More info on the competition is here. Go support Dan, he’s bound to be entertaining.

UPDATE: Regarding the stand-up comedy competition mentioned just above, Dan Telfer notes in the comments that he’ll be performing in the 8:30pm show but not the 11pm show.


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