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So If You Have a Mouth — And I Know You Do …

September 24th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Advertising, Culture, Video

Regardez, my favorite TV ad from the 80s. Despite being an inveterate commercial hater, I had this one memorized in high school and would break into an impression of it at parties, on the school bus, when things got slow in Latin class, anywhere.

I’m not sure why I loved it so much except that it was possibly the gayest thing I ever saw on broadcast TV in the early 1980s — with the obvious exceptions of Brideshead Revisited and Hollywood Squares.

Hee hee!


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  • Aaron

    I’d TOTALLY forgotten that commercial! I don’t think I’d seen the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” yet at that point, or I would have probably wondered why it didn’t start singing and have a black background…

  • Scott Hill

    (Doing a mediocre Goliath the dog impression)

    Oh, Davey!


    I remember you dropping bits of this commercial into conversations twenty years ago. I picked up the habit myself. Do you still have the sea-goddess wigstand head?

  • diane georgejetson

    “When things got slow in Latin class…”

    I love this commercial, too. I think it was what made me like the lips in Rocky Horror. That little laugh at the end… fantastic.